The purpose of this organization is to further the professional advancement of the fire service, to insure and maintain greater protection of life and the property from fire, natural and man-made disaster, or other sudden emergencies. We strive to meet these goals by:

  • Bringing together, at least once a month, persons interested in preventing, controlling and suppressing fires to discuss ways and means of the betterment of the fire service, and reducing loss of life and property from unfriendly fires; to develop a bond of friendship and understanding among members of the fire service in Boundary County Idaho.
  • Conduct research and studies of major problems affecting the fire service at community or regional levels.
  • Sponsor, promote, organize and seek funding for educational seminars and classes that will enhance the training for all agencies within the region at the most cost effective level per student.
Fire Fighter
Honor Guard

The Honor Guard

An Honor Guard is a traditional component of the fire service, organized to help fire agencies appropriately observe the solemnities that come with the life of the firefighter: memorials, funerals, dedications, celebrations. The US flag, of course, is carried prominently, but the honor guard also carries a traditional firefighter remembrance flag, state flags, and ceremonial pikes and axes as well. In addition to the Fallen Firefighter memorial every October, the group plans to join in local parades annually, and be available to serve all of the fire districts here in Boundary County and the surrounding region.

Our Boundary County Honor Guard is a multi-agency effort, with current members from City Fire, South Boundary Fire, North Bench Fire, and Hall Mt. Fire. One of the most important reasons the Guard was formed was to foster relationships and strengthen ties between our local agencies. If the camaraderie of the group is any indication, that purpose is being realized.

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County Wide Annual Report.

The Boundary County Fire Chiefs Association has completed are annual report with the goal of:

  • Provide information regarding call response, training, and agency information to all residents of Boundary County.
  • Allow agencies to show their yearly statistics on a local level and share information that is pertinent to their operations.
  • Increase support, interest, and engagement in your local Fire Agency, Emergency Medical Service, and Search and Rescue.
  • Encourage the recruitment of new volunteers and members.
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